Rolex Watch History

Rolex Watch History

Rlex is one of the best watchmaking brnd in the world. Now I will give a brief introduction on Rolex watch history.

Rolex Watch History
Rolex Watch History

Rolex Watch History: 1905-1919:

1905: Founder: Hans Wilsdorf

The history and brand of Rolex have so far influenced so many people, which is closely related to the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, a man with the visionary and pioneering spirit. Only 24 years old in 1905, he opened a franchised watch company in London. At that time all the watch makers only produced pocket watches , he was the first one who thinks of the idea of wrist watch , and also the first one to achieve it. Although the wrist watch was not accurate enough at the time, Hans Wilsdorf has been working hard and gradually to improve the accuracy of the watch.

When the watch was firstly invented, people didn’t believe that the wrist watch was as accurate as the pocket watch. So Hans Wilsdor wanted to convince people that his innovative design was able to render the wristwatch as accurate as pocket watch, and he specially had assembled a compact, precise movement that is made by a watchmaker at Swiss Bill on the watch. And its accuracy has not declined.

1908: Five ingenious letters: the founder Hans Wilsdorf wants to make a compact and readable name for the watch, and it’s not only intended to be good sounding, but also it has to be a good match for the wrist watch. “I almost tried all the letters and ended up with hundreds of names, but none of them satisfied me,” he said. One morning, as I was sitting on the upper deck of the Stagecoach, passing the Cheapside street in London , I as though could hear an angel whispering in my ear, “Rolex.”

1910: The pursuit of precision of timekeeping, the Rolex has always been the pursuer of accuracy. Although the Rolex initially focused on improving the quality of the movement, the accuracy of the movement was still inadequate at the time, so he worked hard at the precision of the accuracy of the timekeeping and finally succeeded. Moreover, in 1910, Rolex watch became the first watch that was certified by official Swiss Biel watch-rating centre , which no other watch brand could have done.

1914: The pursuit of accuracy in timekeeping; four years later, in 1914, the British Kew Observatory awarded the “A” Class certificate to the Rolex watch. At that time, this level of certificate was only awarded to the nautical precise chronometer. Since then, Rolex watches have been a symbol of precision.

1919: The Geneva: Rolex moved to the international City of Geneva, known for its watchmaking process, in 1920, the company was registered as “Montres Rolex S.A.”

Rolex Rolex Watch History: 1926-1947

1926: First waterproof watch; in 1926, Rolex created the first model of waterproof, dust-proof watch, pushing forward the world’s watchmaking technology .

This watch was named “Oyster” , and was equipped with a closed case to provide the best protection for the movement. the legend continues today.

1927: The challenge of crossing the straits: in order to prove that the watch is waterproof, the people must be allowed to see the truth. In 1927, Young British Lady Mercedes Gleitze successfully crossed the British Strait with a Rolex Oyster watch. After swimming for more than 10 hours to reach the finish line, her wrist watch remained intact and running as usual. This is the first time Rolex became world famous.

1927: Brand spokesperson concept: to celebrate this historic initiative, Rolex’s victory over the waterproof watch was announced in a full-page article on the front page of the Daily Mail. This success also marks the birth of the Rolex brand spokesperson concept.

Rolex Watch History
Rolex Watch History

1931: Perpetual-Motion movement: Rolex, in 1931 , developed the world’s first patented automatic winding mechanism-the perpetual spinning top . This original system is the basic design of every modern automatic watch.

1933: fly over the Mt.Everest’; The pilots wear a Rolex oyster during the first fly over of the Mt. Everest . They all expressed a satisfaction with the performance of the Watch. This makes the Rolex once again known to the world.

1935: Field test Lab; The Rolex noted the different environments are an opportunity to test and improve the oyster watch. the fields of sports, aviation, racing and adventure are all the best laboratory to test the countless technical performance of the wristwatch. 1935: Sir Malcolm Campbell; in the 1930s, Rolex developed a pleasant partnership with one of the world’s fastest drivers Sir Malcolm Campbell in the racing world. In September 4, 1935, the “King of Speed” driving the Chariot “Blue Bird” (bluebird), wearing a Rolex wrist watch, strike a record of more than 300 miles per hour ( about 485 kilometers per hour) in the Bonneville Speedway , Utah State

Sir Malcolm broke the world speed record for nine times between 1924 and 1935, five of them were at Daytona Beach (Daytona Beach).

1935: a letter to Rolex: Sir. Malcolm said: “ I wore Rolex for a while, my watch remained precise without error in tough environment.” This is the confidence of him in Rolex.

1945: The first datejust watch. In 1945, Rolex launched a datejust watch, the first automatic winding wrist watch with a calendar display on the surface in the world. The glamorous datejust watch has a specially-designed commemorative watch belt and triangular-pattern outer ring, which is highly recognizable and is the most important style in the Oyster Watch series. The datejust watch was originally designed for men, and a decade later, it has evolved into a colourful collection of women’s watches. This is also the Rolex brand expansion.

1947: Mystery man: in 1947, in order to celebrate the 100000th chronometer that has been officially accredited , Hans Wilsdorf granted a datejust wrist watch to an outstanding man, and also likened him to a contemporary great man. Yet his identity has never been made public to this day.

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